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Wow – Spring is finally here, the ivy is starting to fill in at the ballpark and school will soon be out. Here’s a collection of interesting articles, posts and thoughts from the last month at J.E.R.S. Automotive in Glenview. Enjoy!

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JERS Automotive – Happy Mother’s Day from J.E.R.S….


We wouldn’t be here without you…Happy Mother’s Day from J.E.R.S. Automotive in Glenview!❤️

JERS Automotive – Seems old man winter just doesn’t want… | Facebook


(It’s almost June, right?) Good tip from Joe regarding heavy, wet, snow! 

Seems old man winter just doesn’t want to let go in the Chicago area.
This is some heavy wet snow. Just a reminder not to use your wipers to clear the snow off your windshield. You could damage the wiper linkage, and it could cost you some $ to fix.
If you must venture out on the road, be careful driving.

How to Detail Your Car And Give It A Makeover – Consumer Reports


After the long winter we had here in Glenview, your car’s appearance may need some TLC – here are some great tips from Consumer Reports.

“Learn How to Detail Your Car with expert Car Detailing Tips and find out the best Car Cleaning Products for interior and exterior cleaning from Consumer Reports.”

These logic problems will make long car rides feel shorter | Popular Science


Here’s wishing you a short and uneventful road trip! When you drop off your car or make your service appointment, please inform us if you’ll be heading out on a trip soon.

“These logic problems will make long car rides feel shorter”

How to sell a car online |


Selling a car is a hassle. This article has some great advice to make it as easy as possible.

“Looking to sell your car, truck or van? Here’s a guide:”

BBB CONSUMER TIPS: BBB tips for buying a used car | News |


If you’re in the market for a used car, let Joe and Joe take a look at it before you spend your money.

Once you get it checked out by a mechanic, here are BBB’s Tips For Buying A Used Car.

20 car brands with the longest warranties


*Even when you’re driving a brand new car, Joe and Joe can help you with routine maintenance – often at a fraction of what it would cost at the dealership!*

“Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai, Genesis, and Mitsubishi all offer really impressive warranty packages to go above and beyond industry standards.”

Why a car key costs $200 to copy (& how to find cheaper options)


Losing your car keys can be quite a hassle, here are some great tips for replacing today’s computer keys!

20 Cars From The Early 2010s No One Should Still Be Driving


This is a harsh article: 20 Cars From The Early 2010s No One Should Still Be Driving
You could also think of it as a “Don’t Buy These Cars” article.


Putting Off Car Care? Stop Stalling – Be Car Care Aware


Joe and Joe will always help you prioritize the services your vehicle needs and also give advanced notice for upcoming issues like tires and brakes.



Car Care Specials From J.E.R.S.!!

Check out the Petersen Automotive Museum’s fantastic exhibit…


If you get a chance to go, please send pictures!
“Petersen Automotive Museum of Los Angeles opened a massive new exhibit: Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy, which includes more than 50 vehicles…”

Best Car Sites in America | Car Museums


Last minute road trip ideas for Spring Break: “There’s more to American car culture than cruising up and down Main Street, USA. Museums, race tracks, historical sites, and automotive artistry litter the American landscape.”

Autonomous driving: Safety first – MIT Technology Review


We couldn’t agree more! #reliableandsafe
“Self-driving vehicle technology has made significant advancements; now there needs to be an industry standard for self-driving safely.”
#glenviewmechanic #carcare

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