Revving Up For Spring at J.E.R.S. Automotive in Glenview!

Even though it’s 20 degrees on 2/20/2020, the team at J.E.R.S. is thinking about Spring Break Road Trips! Now is a great time to knock out that “To Do List” by getting your car checked and serviced before it’s too late!

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North Shore Choice Awards 2020

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Is Your Battery Clicking on Cold Mornings? If so, it’s time to up your CCA’s!

How are your CCA’s? CCA = Cold Cranking Amp

If you’re noticing a lack of energy when starting your car on cold mornings, it’s telling you it’s time for a battery check.

Avoid Car Trouble with a Belt Check 

Belts are an integral part of your vehicle systems. When they fail, you’re stuck! As part of every service, we perform a comprehensive check of your vehicle to keep it reliable and safe! Belts, brakes, anti-freeze, tires and more! We’ll always alert you to any issues of concern and items to keep in mind.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon – but not too soon!

Joe and the team at J.E.R.S.