Some Good News and Specials From J.E.R.S.

As the sun shines over Glenview, It seems like Spring is trying to Spring! We certainly hope so!

Things are starting to feel “normal” as we all settle into the work from home and physical distancing routines.

This week, we have been staying busy and are thankful for all of our great customers. In addition to car care information, we started this newsletter with a fun item we saw this week – see below!

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Some Good News  – Superstars Make A Girl’s Dream Come True


This is great – true superstars reaching out using technology to brighten up a young lady’s day.

Dreaming of A Drive?


Dreaming of where you’ll go when the Covid cloud lifts?

Now’s a good time to plan for when things get back to normal. This Lexus GS300 with 160,000 miles came to us with a leaky water pump.

Since replacing the water pump is part of our timing belt replacement process (the pump comes off during timing belt replacement) we advised the customer to replace the timing belt also.

So, this customer has not only repaired their current problem but also knocked out essential future maintenance.


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Can’t Stop By? Here’s An Easy Drive Way Vehicle Check


This drive way check is useful if you haven’t driven your vehicle in a while or you see some strange fluids on the ground or in your garage and are worried about driving.

Spring and Summer Car Care Special


Spring and Summer Car Care Special – Prepare your car or truck for Summer with this great special from JERS in Glenview!

* Oil & Filter Change
* Rotate, Inspect & Balance Tires
* Check Charging, Starting System & Battery
* Perform Battery Service
* Inspect Belts, Hoses & Coolant
* Inspect Air Conditioning System
$59.99 + tax
(conventional oil)

Take Advantage of Our Specials!

As always, thank you very much for your support! Please let us know if we can help in any way.

– Joe and the J.E.R.S. team