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Flooded vehicles what you need to know | KHGI


Historic rainfall and weather events have exposed used car buyers to the risks of buying flood damaged vehicles. Experts advise getting a pre-purchase inspection…we know just the guys!

“Have someone do a pre–purchase inspection or something on it before you buy it,” said Reeder. “Try to protect yourself as much as possible.”

Google refreshes Android Auto with new features and a darker look – TechCrunch


Both Apple and Google are upping the ante in terms of in-car offerings. Each one is geared toward making your car an extension of your phone and making navigation and communication easier for drivers.

“..the platform has been adjusted so it will fit various sized-screens. Android Auto now maximizes the in-car display to show more information, like next-turn directions, playback controls and ongoing calls.”

Never Lift: The Petersen Automotive Museum’s tribute to speed


These are some beautiful cars!

“Southern California car lover Bruce Meyer has an eclectic palate. His stable includes everything from motorcycles and ’30s luxury touring cars to late-model GT race cars. It turns out that speed and competition truly are his passions, and his stewardship of some of the world’s most important racing cars is testament to his love of auto racing.The Never Lift collection contains even more racing history, including the first-ever Shelby Cobra, a beautiful Chevy-powered Iso Bizzarrini, Bruce Meyer’s personal land-speed roadster, and a Porsche 935.”

How to Replace Your Car’s Key Fob – Consumer Reports


“If you have a car that’s 10 years or older, it’s more likely you will be able to use an aftermarket key fob,” says CR’s Ibbotson. “Many of these less advanced fobs can be programmed by a local mechanic, an automotive locksmith, or the customer.”

“The cost to replace the latest key fobs can run anywhere from $50 to as high as $400 depending on the brand,” says Consumer Reports automotive analyst Mel Yu. And that’s just for the fob. Add another $50 to $100 to get replacement fobs programmed to work with your car and to have a new mechanical backup key made. The key fobs for European cars and SUVs are typically the most expensive, thanks to their sophisticated rolling-code encryption to prevent theft.”

Here’s What You’ll Pay To Fix Your Car When The ‘Check Engine’ Light Comes On


“Several factors impact the type and cost of repairs, including vehicle age, driving conditions, upkeep and how often a driver addresses a dashboard warning light, which can snowball…if ignored,” says CarMD’s CEO Leon Chen.”

“Of the myriad warning lights on your car or truck’s dashboard, it seems the most ubiquitous is the “check engine” alert. When you see the “check engine” message or a symbol that looks like a car engine, it usually indicates there’s a problem with the vehicle’s emissions system. Yet too many motorists tend to ignore the alert if the car still seems to be operating normally. The prudent course of action if the light stays on, of course, is to make an appointment to take the vehicle to a technician to have the problem evaluated before it turns into something that’s far costlier to fix.”

Specials – JERS Automotive – Glenview Mechanic | JERS Automotive – Glenview Mechanic


Take a look at our car care and car maintenance specials! Our Spring and Summer special is a great way to prepare for a road trip!

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