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Here’s a short Friday Feature from J.E.R.S. Automotive in Glenview!

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This beautiful survivor showed up at the shop recently – what a treat!


Here’s a quick preview of a classic that stopped by this week…we love seeing the survivors in the shop!

20 Reliable Cars You Can Drive Into the Ground


We can help you keep these running!

This article with “20 Reliable Cars You Can Drive Into the Ground” features the usual suspects from Toyota and Honda with a surprise or two…hint: Porsche!

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7 of the least expensive cars to own – Business Insider


“The cheapest cars to own are not always the cheapest in terms of sales price, as you can make up the difference with savings on maintenance, repairs, and fuel.”

Ford Issues 2nd Recall Of 58,000 Focus Cars To Repair Problem Not Fixed Earlier – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth


The 2nd time’s the charm?

“The vehicles are being called back because a fix with an earlier recall was apparently “incomplete”.

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