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In order to provide service while minimizing risk to our customers and team, we’re encouraging everyone to use our dropbox – whether you’re stopping by during regular business hours or not. That way, we can minimize contact and do our best to stop the spread! In addition, we recommend using our online service scheduler in the link below.
We’ve also included links for resources to help adjust to remote work – see below!

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It’s a Great Time for Timing Belt Replacement!

Have some extra time on your hands? Dreaming of where you’ll go when the Covid cloud lifts?

Now’s a good time to plan for when things get back to normal. This Lexus GS300 with 160,000 miles came to us with a leaky water pump.

Since replacing the water pump is part of our timing belt replacement process (the pump comes off during timing belt replacement) we advised the customer to replace the timing belt also.

So, this customer has not only repaired their current problem but also knocked out essential future maintenance.


Outside Magazine’s 9 Favorite Fitness Apps Are Free Right Now

Don’t forget to take care of yourself! This article from Outside Magazine is a great resource to add some exercise to your routine in these trying times. There’s something everyone – from Yoga to an extended trial of Peloton and a meditation app.

Amazing List Of Resources: The Eye on Design Guide to Self-isolation for Designers and Creatives

This list has everything from a free Adobe Creative Cloud trial for students, to a Coronavirus Tech Handbook and how to support local bookstores. Dig In! It’s geared toward designers but there are some great resources for everyone here!

5 Challenges of Working Remotely (And How to Overcome Them)

We have the benefit of coming to the shop every day but see our families working remotely. It’s a big adjustment for everyone. If you’re feeling challenged, you’re not alone. This article offers concrete advice to do it right.

“Working remotely comes with challenges, like self-motivation, time management, communication, and loneliness. Meet them head on with these tips.”

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Here’s wishing you all a healthy and happy home while hunkering down. It’s a big adjustment for everyone – we’re doing our best to cherish this unexpected time with our families.

– Joe and Joe from J.E.R.S.