Classics and Musclecars Need Special Care

Classics and Musclecars Need Special Care

Classic Car Repair: You Need A Great Mechanic!

Has your mechanic ever rebuilt a carburetor? Does your repair shop have a timing light? Is your classic car running rough? Classic car repair is very different from computerized diagnosis and parts replacement.

Nowadays it seems that nothing can be done to fix or diagnose a problem with your vehicle without plugging it into a computer. In fact, it’s very common to hear your mechanic talk about the code that was “thrown.” This simply means that whatever is malfunctioning in the performance of your engine is shown to the mechanic or repair shop as a code. These codes very commonly call for the replacement of the part that is causing the problem. That is the result of the many sensors and computer chips that effectively control the relationship between all of the parts of an engine.

The computers and sensors in today’s cars are a concrete manifestation of the advances in technology and efficiency but leave many of today’s mechanics with little “hands on experience” and/or knowledge of how to diagnose and repair muscle cars, classic cars and other machines. We’re proud to say that we have the expertise needed to dig into and complete classic car repairs.

While today’s vehicles are constantly optimizing the air/fuel mixture to account for factors such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, vehicles that rely on a carburetor are adjusted and tuned to the specific factors that exist at the time the work is performed. Each change in the atmospheric conditions can lead to the vehicle being out of tune as the air/gas mixture fluctuates.

Here at JERS Automotive, we like the challenge of working on your classic car. We know that each classic or muscle car is very important to its owner and are proud that we are the repair shop of choice for many Glenview residents!

If you’re looking for classic car repair near Glenview, Northbrook or anywhere on the North Shore of Chicago, give us a call or use our online scheduler to have us take a look!

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